National Dialogue


The Supply Chain National dialogue was first held in December 2021 and is designed to take place every two years. The supply chain dialogue was established by Kenya Institute of Supplies Management (KISM) with a view of conglomerating supply chain practitioners and other stakeholders to discuss supply chain management matters in relation to promoting socioeconomic growth in the country.
The conference takes cognizance of the significant role of supply chain management in the overall growth of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The objective of the conference is to highlight matters affecting supply chain management at a national level and provide solutions through best practices that will lead to economic development. For meaningful impact and collaboration, the conference draws participation from the Government, private sector, public entities, counties, not for profit organizations, civil societies, academic institutions, and all business enterprises.


The contribution and place of supply chain management in the growth of African economies cannot be underscored. As a major enabler in economic growth, the supply chain in itself has the power to breathe life or death into African economies. The Kenya Kwanza Government through the BETA Transformational Agenda in recognition of the above has committed to supporting the development and improvement of various supply chain processes in the country as well as regionally to stimulate economic growth.
The National Dialogue Conference provides an opportunity to discuss the impact of supply chain in facilitating the growth of African economies under various sub-themes. The conference will further examine the current and future supply chain priorities, strategies, and best practices that have been and can be adopted by all sectors in the country and regionally to aid in economic growth. Proceedings will highlight opportunities and challenges arising from recent events both from public and corporate/economic perspectives.


Optimizing the Economic Power of Supply Chain through the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA)

‘Breathing Life into African Economies’

  1. Supply Chain at the heart of the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation
  2. Harnessing PPP’s to spur economic growth
  3. Building resilience through supply chain practices
  4. Industries & SMEs as a driver of economic growth through supply chain processes
  5. Agile procurement
  6. Adopting sustainable supply chain practices
  7. Leading supply chains
  8. Leveraging supply chain to accelerate African connectivity through the Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA)
  9. The Supply Chain Score Card 2024
  10. Leveraging artificial intelligence to unlock Supply Chain Success.

The key aims of the event are to:

  1. Exchange knowledge on supply chain challenges and practical solutions that can be adopted by all sectors to facilitate economic growth;
  2. Provide a platform to share ideas and innovations by all sectors on how they have operationalized their procurement processes under the respective sub-themes to drive economic growth.
  3. Sensitize the participants on the Kenyan Government’s BETA Transformation Agenda and the contribution of all sectors in adopting supply chain processes that aid in the growth of the Kenyan Economy.
  4. Initiate a highly engaged event for supply chain practitioners and academia from public, private and non-governmental sectors in Kenya and within the African continent to converge and discuss the contribution of supply chain to the Economy, in Kenya and across Africa.

The Conference will be highly interactive focusing on voices from all sectors, facilitated through panel discussions, innovation and academic poster presentations, breakout sessions and high-level engagement. There will also be an opportunity for best practice sharing from participants from across the Africa Continent to discuss the role of supply chain in the rollout of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA). Interactions will be designed to increase awareness and catalyse further innovation and collaboration.


Over 700 Supply Chain Heads and practitioners will be in attendance as well as key dignitaries from the National Government and County Governments, Private and Third Sectors nationally, from Africa and from the international community.


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