KISM Committees

Registration Committee

This committee has the mandate to receive and approve applications for registration, grant practicing certificates and licenses, monitor compliance of professional standards, prescribe quality assurance regulations, and investigate members’ conduct.

Disciplinary Committee

This committee receives and investigates complaints against supplies practitioners. It has the mandate to remove from the register, or suspend registration or, revoke practicing licenses of supplies practitioners or impose fines.

Committees Of The Council

Finance & Hr (Corporate) Committee

This committee provides oversight with respect to the financial, administrative and human resource policies of the Institute. It formulates and makes recommendations on budgets, asset management, financial transactions, recruitment and general management of staff-related issues.

Professional Standard’s Committee

Responsible for promoting capacity development in the procurement and supply chain management profession by developing policies and providing oversight in training and research. It also assesses the syllabus, conducts equivalency and develops Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs.

Membership & Advocacy Committee

This committee oversees the development and promotion of membership services. It formulates policies regarding services that support the welfare and well-being of members.

Audit Committee

The committee has oversight over policies governing internal controls in all functions and processes. It develops audit strategies and enforces audit controls, reviews reports on internal audits then advices on appropriate interventions.

Legislative Committee

This committee ensures that the Institute complies with the law and conducts its functions within the legal framework. It represents the Institute and proposes amendments to legislation with respect to procurement and supply chain management. It plays an advisory role and may be consulted to interpret laws on issues that concern the Institute.