How do I become a member?
The main pathway to membership is by completing a SCM Professional course from a recognized Institution.You will be required to submit copies of academic and professional qualification, curriculum vitae and copy of National ID.

How do I apply for membership?

  • Once you have completed your Professional Qualifying Exams you will need to fill out the attached membership application form.
  • Once you have submitted your form, it will be presented to our Registration Council for their consideration.
  • This can take some time because we need to wait until the council convenes before your application can be accepted.
  • Meetings for membership application are held once per month.
  • All applications will need to be sent in by the 20th of each month to ensure it will be considered.

What happens once I have become a member?

  • Upon gaining membership with the Institute you will receive a certificate and a membership card to certify your professional membership status.

What are the membership benefits?

  • Having the initials MKISM after your name
  • Belonging to a network of professionally educated and trusted individuals
  • Attending events and seminars aimed at continuous professional development
  • Belonging to a professional body thus helping to gain a competitive advantage in your commercial and professional life.
  • Job reference services.
  • Range of online benefits
  • A list of membership benefits is available in the Membership area

When do I pay my membership subscription?

The KISM financial year runs from 1st January till December every year. All members will be therefore sent an invoice on January. Payment can be done by checks to KISM, Money Orders or Bank Deposit slips Membership is valid for the calendar year (January 1 - December 31); applications are however welcomed throughout the year. The Subscription Fee for New members, who apply after June 30th, will be prorated. Applications received after October will be activated as of January the following year.

What is the duration of my membership?

  • January 1st to December 31st

How long does it take to process membership?

  • 45 Days

What is membership number?

  • Membership number is issued after your application has been reviewed and is successful. You will find the number on your membership card and on your certificate.

How do I renew my membership online?

  • If you have an outstanding renewal, you will be alerted on expiry.
  • Click the Renew Now link to begin the renewal process.
  • You may also renew your membership by clicking on the Renew button under Membership Status.

Membership Categories

  • Member
  • Student
  • Associate
  • Fellow
  • Honorary Fellow
  • Corporate

How do I notify Membership Office of my new address, phone, etc.?

To update your contact information,

  • Log in the Members area,
  • Click on MyProfile and then click Contact Information to display your current contact information.
  • Click the Edit button to make changes.

If you would like to change details of your account - such as your e-mail address and work or home address details:

  • Please login to the 'Edit your personal details' portal
  • You may also send a brief e-mail to the membership administration (membership@kism.or.ke)
  • Your request will be dealt with within the shortest time.

How can I have my username and/or password sent to me?

  • From the login prompt, please click on Forgot your password?
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address and PIN (if you have selected one).
  • An email notification from membership@kism.or.ke containing a link to reset you password will be sent to you.
  • Please follow the instructions to make your changes.
  • Please DO NOT create a new record; only your per-existing member record will enable you to access the member-restricted areas of the KISM web site.