1. Publicity
The winning organizations will be publicized in various media channels including; press releases, KISM website, newsletter, and all the
Institute’s social media platforms that reach thousands of procurement and supply chain professionals in Kenya

2. Recognition
The winning organization will gain recognition as a supply chain leader and expert in their respective winning category. Other
organizations will benchmark and consult with the firm on similar projects

3. Share Knowledge
Through case studies and brief presentations, organizations get the opportunity to share their ingenuity in the processes that led to their

4. Show case your work
You will have the opportunity to present to the public your organization’s products and services. This event offers your organization a
chance to showcase the uniqueness and value of your products or services.

5. Building your profile
Best performing organizations raise their organizations’ profiles and set the pace for excellence in supply chain practices.

6. Increased motivation
Staff working with the winning organizations are proud to be identified with a leading firm. This in turn compels them to strive for higher
performance in Supply Chain.

7. Bench marking
Your organization will gain insights on how other organizations are tackling Supply Chain challenges.

    KISM is a national body for professionals in the practice of procurement and supply chain management in Kenya. The Institute draws its mandate from the Supplies Practitioners Management Act No.17 of 2007.
    KISM TOWERS, 12th Floor, Ngong Road, Nairobi
    +254 111 024800