About KISM

KISM is a national body for professionals in the practice of procurement and supplies management in Kenya. The Institute draws its mandate from the “Supplies Practitioners Management Act No.17 of 2007.” This Act provides the legal framework within which the Institute is established and operates as a corporate body promoting learning, development of best practices, and application of the same to the practice of procurement and supply chain management. This legal framework establishes the following structures to support operations of the Institute:


Governing Council

comprising seven elected, qualified and experienced supplies practitioners. The Permanent Secretary of the Treasury and the Director General of the Public Procurement Oversight Authority are appointed through this statute to the Council;

Staff of the Institute

Responsible for the day to day management of the affairs of the Institute

Examinations Board

which is responsible for establishment and administration of a national procurement and supplies syllabi and examinations

Registration Committee

Admits new members, and oversees development and promotion of membership services which include capacity development;

Disciplinary Committee

Custodian of the professional code of ethics, it has the responsibility of promoting compliance with the code through sensitization activities and enforcement of the code in line with the Act

Core Values

To be the pre-eminent professional body promoting best practices in procurement and supplies management

To promote integrity and professionalism in procurement and supply chain management systems

Core Values

  • Democratic participation of membership in Institute affairs
  • Commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability in procurement
  • Promotion of a conducive institutional environment for staff
  • Promotion of continuous learning
  • Results oriented
  • Commitment to fair and just dealings with members and stakeholders
The Council

Elected Chairperson of the Council

  • Eng. Chris Oanda

Appointed Members of the Council

  • Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance
  • Director General - Public Procurement Oversight Authority

Elected Members of Council

  • Mr. Dickson Mwenze
  • Ms. Joyce Nyanamba
  • Dr. Joseph Ogachi
  • Ms. Florence Oile
  • Mr. Jeremiah Ogola
  • Mr. Francis Murabula

The Chairperson and six members of Council are elected by members of the Institute at an AGM.


The activities of KISM are guided by 5 main committees;

  • Education Committee
  • Registration Committee
  • Audit Committee
  • Finance and Administration Committee
  • Procurement Professional Standards Committee