Preference and Reservation schemes

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Implementing Preferences and Reservations is a mandatory requirement for public sector  organizations. Successful implementation ensures compliance with the Public
Procurement and Asset Disposal Act (2015) and contributes to the performance rating of the  procuring entity. This training will address frameworks for implementing Preferences and Reservations and give practical solutions to the challenges faced.


Procurement & Supply Chain Managers, Supply Chain Officers, County Executives, County Officials, Operational Staff involved in implementing Preference and Reservations Schemes, Suppliers, Contractors, Consultants and all staff involved in the procurement process.


MEMBER   9,500.00 10,000.00
NON - MEMBER  14,500.00 15,000.00

For inquiries please contact:

Edith, Juliet or Emma on +254-/ 0721-244828, 0733-333226, 0717 004842 or  email:

   CPD Training

Contract Administration

Quality Management in Procurement and Supply

Supplier Management and Supplier Audits

Logistics Management

Mastering your Procurement Process and Procedures

Project Management and PPPs

Implementing the Public Procurement and Asset Dispoal Act 2015

Negotiation and Supplier Partnerships

Achieving Excellence in Supply Chain Management

Tendering Process and Bid Evaluation

Supply Chain Documentation Management and Audit

Procurement Symposium

Procurement of Consultancy and Non-Consultancy Services

Developing Specifications and Formulating Evaluation Criteria


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