Based On the International Trade Center Modular Learning System In Supply Chain Management


The International Trade Center (ITC) Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM) is offered by over 135 institutions in more than 55 countries. It comprises generic training materials and tools for managing procurement and supply chains, developed by the International Trade Center UNCTAD/WTO. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, ITC is the focal point UN technical cooperation agency in the area of international trade promotion & development.


The program content is high level and enables qualifying candidates to join the residential executive MBA in supply chain management at the European Institute of Purchasing Management, in Geneva. Candidates will also be eligible to join the Executive MBA in supply chain management at the University of Applied Sciences of Switzerland (UASS), beginning the year 2011. The UASS program is also offered through distant learning.

KISM has adopted the modular learning system for its professional development (CPD) program. Through this program, participants are trained on specific modules with the intention of improving their knowledge and skills in those areas. Participants will also have the option of writing set exams as a means to obtaining the internationally recognized professional certifications. The modules will be taught progressively in clusters of six modules prior to each exam period, and will also be delivered as in-company training.

Entry Requirements & Examinations
Entry Requirements

a business diploma and two years relevant work experience or a graduate level qualification.


exams are conducted in March and September every year


issued will bear the logo of the ITC and KISM. To obtain the International Diploma in Purchasing and Supplies Management, a candidate must pass exams for modules 1 to 18. Candidates can, however, be issued with an International Certificate upon completion of modules 1-6, and with an Advanced International Certificate upon completion of modules 6-12.

Particulars of the modules covered are as follows
  • Understanding the Corporate Environment
  • Specifying Requirements & Planning Supply
  • Analyzing Supply Markets
  • Developing Supply Strategies
  • Appraising & Short-listing Suppliers
  • Obtaining & Selecting Offers
  • Negotiating
  • Preparing the Contract
  • Managing the Supply Contract
  • Managing Logistics in the Supply Chain
  • Managing Inventory
  • Managing and Evaluating performance
  • Environmental Purchasing & Supply
  • Group Purchasing
  • E-procurement
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Operations Management
  • Managing Finance along the Supply Chain