• A commissioner for oaths should certify copies of the following documents as true copies of the originals:
    1. Copies of academic and professional examination certificates
    2. Certificates of membership of professional bodies
    3. Two passport size photographs
  • Applicants are required to indicate the level of their professional experience and practical training during the last five years. Each employment record must be supported by a letter from the employer (including current employer) stating:
    1. Date of commencement and /or termination
    2. Nature and scope of duties
    3. Whether the employment was on a fulltime or part time basis
  • Relevant testimonials should also be submitted with the application
  • If granted exemption from any sections, stages or part of any examination this should be stated.
  • Holders of foreign qualifications will only be considered upon provision of a membership certificate from their respective institutes.
  • Applicants with local qualification will be required to include a copy of the final certificate from their respective institutes.
  • The prescribed fee payable is as contained in the second schedule of the Regulations.
  • If a Kenyan, submit a copy of both sides of the identity card, if non-Kenyan, a current work permit together with the application.

Click here to complete the online membership application from the self service portal >> member.kism.or.ke