KISM is a national body for professionals in the practice of procurement and supply chain management in Kenya. The Institute draws its mandate from the “Supplies Practitioners Management Act No.17 of 2007.” This Act provides the legal framework within which the Institute is established and operates as a corporate body promoting learning, development of best practices, and application of the same to the practice of procurement and supply chain management


A globally recognized and respected Institute of procurement and supply chain management


To promote development through fair, transparent, competitive, and cost effective procurement and supply chain management.

Core Values
Core Values
  • Democratic participation of membership in Institute affairs
  • Commitment to integrity, transparency, and accountability in procurement
  • Promotion of a conducive institutional environment for staff
  • Promotion of continuous learning
  • Results oriented
  • Commitment to fair and just dealings with members and stakeholders
  • To establish, monitor, improve and publish standards of SCM professionals as well as safeguard their interests
  • Promote research in critical areas of PSCM and encourage and provide input in the publication of books, periodicals and journals
  • Prescribe and regulate syllabuses for PSCM courses, and prepare the appropriate examinations 
  • Promote the international recognition of the Institute
  • Advise the Kenya Institute of Supplies Examinations Board on the formulation of examination standards and policies